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Sight and Hearing

Each of our clubs in D45 is unique. The information provided here isn’t “the way”; it’s just another method to provide for the needs of your community. If you are partnering with local vendors to meet your community’s needs and you are satisfied…don’t change! Either way please let the Sight & Hearing chairs know who your chairperson is so that they an assist each other. You can reach the D45 Sight chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The D45 Hearing chair can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Determining financial need

How your club determines financial need is completely up to you. As a reference D45 provides the following standard from International:

Beneficiaries must be:

• Unable to access the commercial market due to limited income
• At an income level below or at 200 percent of the poverty level
• Unable to access other personal and family resources to purchase glasses / hearing aids
• Denied state and federal assistance

What is the poverty level? The federal government’s poverty level may be a starting point. Some Lions clubs use 175 percent above poverty level. Others use 150 percent or 180 percent. Generally any level at or above 200 percent requires review and approval by LCIF (to qualify for assistance from International). If you want to match your eligiblilty to those for Vermont Medicaid this reference may be of value.

Providing Eye Exams

Some clubs have a relationship with a local provider that will provide free eye exams for financially qualified persons referred to them by the Lions club. Developing that relationship is entirely up to your club. D45 is not aware of any statewide program that provides free eye exams other than Medicaid, and Hometown Day – The first Tuesday of December each year, participating Luxottica retail stores (LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical and Target Optical) set aside a special morning to provide free eye exams and glasses to local residents in need as pre-determined by Lions and other charitable groups.

Some vendors will agree to provide glasses from the prescription generated by a Spot Vision camera. This “works”, but is not recommended because the camera does not screen for glaucoma or cataracts and does not replace a full eye exam.

Providing Glasses

If your club has a relationship with a local eyeglass provider that you are satisfied with – don’t change.

OneSightInternational has dissolved our partnership with the OneSite Voucher program. If your club still holds vouchers they will be honored. Clubs must screen applicants for financial need. If the individual is qualified, the club presents the individual with a voucher for a free pair of glasses at a participating Luxottica Retail Location (LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, Sears Optical) or select independent optometrists. 

Bridgemart logo

If your club has a Walmart Vision Center that is convenient to your service area then you might consider establishing an account with BridgeMart to make providing targeted services to your recipients easier and more cost effective.  If you would like to learn more about how BridgeMart works click here. If your club wants to fund eye exams they can enable exams to be funded through their BridgeMart card.  That's what the Granville Lions do. 

ZENNIMany Clubs have discovered that they can most affordably purchase glasses with a prescription online at Zenni Optical. They can fill many prescriptions for as little as $20.

Providing Hearing Aids

If your club has a relationship with a hearing aid provider that you are satisfied with – don’t change.

Regrettably the Lions International Affordable Hearing Aid program was canceled on December 31st, 2017.  The only method for clubs to serve the public is through relationships you forge with providers in your area.