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Twin State LogoLions Twin State Soccer Cup

Each year New Hampshire and Vermont square off on the soccer field with men’s and women’s teams nominated by the coaches from their respective states. The competition began in 1977 and is organized each year by the non-profit Lions Twin State Soccer Association, a joint venture between the Lions of New Hampshire and Vermont.

Funds raised from the charity event are divided evenly between the states. The Vermont Lions donate their funds to operate the Green Mountain Lions Camp for deaf and hard of hearing children. The New Hampshire funds go to the Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, which supports vision and hearing projects throughout New Hampshire.  Thank you to the generous sponsors and advertisers who make the games possible.

There wouldn't be a match without the athletes. They play for the love of the sport, and the honor of the nomination. The last 47 years of matches have resulted in a Twin State competition that is highly anticipated each year and a state rivalry that is second to none. 

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