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Arbor Day CelebrateIn 1885 a national group of educators urged observation of Arbor Day in the nation's schools on the official Arbor Day of their own State. School observations grew by leaps and bounds. Over the years, millions of children received and planted millions of seedlings; millions of seedlings that grew into millions of mature trees. Together, those trees make up a unique forest planted by generations of America's children.

Somehow, the School Arbor Day tradition began to fade away and now only relatively few kids get a tree to take home and plant on their State's Arbor Day. It's time to reverse the decline!

What can your club do?

Reach out to your area elementary schools and ask if they would like to receive Arbor Day trees from your club for distribution to their students.  Partner with a local provider that meets your needs, or partner with the Fourth Grade Foresters USA program and let them do all the work for you. The Fourth Grade Forester folks will contact your target schools and get a head count of the number of fourth graders and ship saplings to them for less than $3 per child. Many Vermont Lions Clubs already use Fourth Grade Foresters and have had excellent results with them.

What does your club gain?

1)  Each sapling delivered to a child counts as a tree planted for your club. It reduces carbon emissions and gains your club valuable recognition as an organization that cares about youth and the environment.
2)  Local revitalization of the importance of observing Arbor Day. It’s a great way to grow your areas reputation as a community that cares.
3)  If you use Fourth Grade Foresters, you support employment of workers with disabilities. Each tree is individually packaged for distribution by workers with disabilities.
4)  Public visibility of the good works of your club…and that leads to potential members.