How Bridgemart works2

All Walmart stores in and near Vermont borders (Except Plattsburg, NY) have contracted with BridgeMart to manage their pre-paid accounts. These are also called "Walmart Restricted Purchase Cards". The Club sends in funds and pays a 9% administrative fee. The Club receives that amount of credit funds for use at Walmart Vision Centers. The Club designates a recipient online and restrictions they want to apply. BridgeMart sends your designated recipient a card in the amount you designate, for the services you designate. When clients go for glasses the fee is deducted from the card. It seems to me that usually Walmart has good prices compared to other vision centers. Walmart is where my family and I get glasses.” - Jim Peterson Granville Lions 4/13/18

VLC has opened an account because Walmart Vision centers can’t accept our VLC vouchers. They insist on a check with a driver’s license.  VLC and many clubs near a vision center this might simply be easier and save us funds. Here are the restrictions VLC has placed on their BridgeMart cards:

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Where is BridgeMart accepted? There are 3 Walmart Vision Centers currently in VT: Williston, Bennington and Derby. There’s one In Queensbury, NY (the one Granville Lions use). In NH there are two near the VT border in Hinsdale, and Claremont.

Kendra Frame the a Bridgemart Customer Service Specialist who recently helped Vermont Lions Charities to sign up with BridgeMart. You can reach Kendra at 1-888-752-1120 ext:708 or email her at if you would like to learn more or sign up. It’s so easy you really can do it yourself at

Here’s a link to where you can view the BridgeMart FAQ