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Each year District 45 Lions Clubs are challenged to relieve hunger by holding food drives to help restock local food shelves.  

What can your club do?

1) Designate a Food From the Heart Chairman and committee members. Share that information with the District Food From the Heart Chairman.

2) Select a date, or dates for your club's food drive. The District likes to focus on a February drive (Valentines day...heart...get it?), but every food drive you participate in throughout the year is eligible for contest purposes.

3) Partner with local grocers to be able to set up food drive tables outside of their establishment. You will find that grocers generally enjoy supporting the effort, particularly if you have table at all the local grocers on the same date. Studies prove that their revenue increases on days where there is a food drive.

4) Contact the District Food From the Heart Chairman for Food From the Heart posters and hand fliers which you can pass out to customers as they enter the store. The fliers provide recommended items for the shoppers to donate and explain that their donation will go directly to the local food shelf.

5) Have a tip jar handy and donate the proceeds to the food shelf. Many shoppers will donate to the food shelf in lieu of adding to their shopping list.

6) Weigh your collected foods (most food shelves have a scale for this purpose) and report your total weight and total donation to the District Food From the Heart Chairman in order to compete with other clubs in the district.

7) Promote your efforts!  Recognize your local partners and your club members for their efforts.