Traveling Lion Tourism guideA primary mission of the district is to "UNITE the clubs (of district 45) in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding". Toward that end the Traveling Lion competition was created. Please note that nothing in these competition rules says that you should hide your good silverware before the neighbors come to visit...

Traveling Lion

There are five (5) Lions to be captured in this contest. One Lion will be a district wide Lion that can travel anywhere in District 45. Four Regional Lions will travel throughout their respective regions. All questions should be directed to the District Traveling Lion Chairman.

For the purpose of this contest the Host Club is defined as the club conducting the meeting and who has the Lion before it is awarded to the Traveling Club.

Regional and District Contest Rules

A. Points for the traveling Lions are calculated from this Official mileage chart:  Traveling Lion Mileage

To calculate points earned, the mileage one way is multiplied by the number of members traveling. When Lions travel to a different Region in search of the District Traveling Lion, they will earn 1.5 times the mileage for each Lion traveling. Only Lions who are on the official roster of the club are eligible to receive points. 

B. During the contest, the Traveling Lion will be awarded to the club who has earned the most points for traveling to the Host Club. A club may capture the Traveling Lion once each month. If the Host Club has both their Region Traveling Lion and the District Traveling Lion, the Traveling Club with the most points will take the District Traveling Lion.  The next highest points for a Traveling Club will determine who takes the Region Traveling Lion, if eligible.  In no case, will a Traveling Club take both the District and Region Traveling Lion.

C. Travel for the Traveling Lion can be a regularly scheduled meeting or special business meeting of the Host Club. The Host Club must be informed by the traveling club at least 72 hours in advance of the capture date and provide a number of guests attending.

D. The Secretary or Traveling Lion Chairperson of the Host Club shall be responsible for reporting the travels of the Lion to the District Traveling Lion Chair along with a point count. This report must include points earned and by what club, the submitting Lions name and phone number, and the date of the next regular meeting of the club that captured the Lion along with their contact information. The chair will provide a bonus of 200 points to the host club that provides the information to the chair within 48 hours of the meeting where the Lion was captured.

E. The next capture date will be at least 2 weeks after a capture to allow the District 45 Chair time to notify all clubs and to allow clubs to make plans for traveling.  If the Lion is not captured at the first available meeting announced by the District Traveling Lion Chairperson, IT MUST BE DELIVERED BEFORE THAT HOST CLUB’S NEXT MEETING to another club, at the first meeting of the club they are delivering it to.  The Club delivering the Lion will receive mileage one way times the number of members traveling plus a BONUS of 100 points because of non-capture.  A Club can only deliver the Lion to a particular club once. If the Host Club does not deliver the Traveling Lion to another club the Traveling Lion Chair will notify the District Governor and the Host Club will be penalized 200 points on the Number 1 Club. (Only Exception to this is fun Vermont weather.)

F. The District Traveling Lion Chairperson will notify all clubs in the Region, for Regional Lions, or in the District for the District Traveling Lion of the location, date of availability, place, contact, and phone number.

G. If the Host Club is not notified of the planned visit of a club for the purpose of capturing the Lion then the traveling club shall be ineligible for travel points and not be able to capture the Lion. 

H. The District Traveling Lion Chairperson will be responsible for keeping a record of the Traveling Lion Contest. Any appeal or need for interpretation of these rules shall be sent to the Chair first, and then District Governor, if necessary. 

I. Clubs cannot receive points for Traveling Lion and official visitations for Number One Club, on the same visit.

J. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each Region and District will be awarded at the District 45 Spring Convention.

K. The last club to have captured the Traveling Lion(s) as of March 31 shall be designated the Host Club in September.

The Traveling Lions are located as follows with capture information:

District Traveling Lion (Lucky): located with the Granville Lions.  Lucky will be available for capture on November 6th at the West Main Grille in Granville, NY. Calls to plan capture should be made to Lion Molly Celani at 518-361-9475 or 518-642-9765.

Region 1 Traveling Lion (Tucky):  located with the Cocchester Lions.  Tucky will be available for capture on November 7th, 2018. 6:30 p.m. at the Colchester Police Dept., 835 Blakely Road,  Colchester, VT.  Remember you must  call or email King Lion Jerry Stearns with a head count at least 72 hours in advance to be eligible (802-879-6465).

Region 2 Traveling Lion (General): Is available for capture from the Middlebury Lions on November 5th at Rosie's in Middlebury. Social at 5:30pm, Dinner at 6pm ($18). Contact President Paul Desabrias at least 72 hours in advance to be eligible 802-388-9049.

Region 3 Traveling Lion (Sir Charles): is available for capture at the Norwich Lions Club. Meetings 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 6:30pm at the Norwich Public Library. Contact President Warren Thayer at least 72 hours in advance to be eligibie (649-3737).  

"No club has yet had the audacity or foolhardiness to enter our den and even attempt the capture of our massive, ferocious Sir Charles II. His thunderous roars are heard throughout Norwich, and resulted in fearful citizen complaints to our gendarmes, who are themselves reluctant to draw near. We have had to build a cage out of railroad ties and barbed wire, and we have even had to raise our dues in order to cover the cost of his nightly feed of 50 pounds of raw meat. And yet, he roars for more. We will be reluctant to just “let him go,” both because we’ve become oddly attached to the big boy, and out of fear that his homicidal tendencies will endanger the lives of any out-of-town Lions coming in a misguided effort to kidnap him." 

Region 4 Traveling Lion (Bucky): Bucky is is available for capture at the Derby Lions. Meeting 3rd Wednesday at 7pm at the Derby Town Office. Contact President Rodger Wells at least 72 hours in advance to be eligible (334-0204).

The current points awarded:

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