From left, Lions Rob and Laurie Sabatelle, and Norwich King Lion Warren Thayer



The Norwich Lions Club recently honored Lions Rob and Laurie Sabatelle and presented them with a Lions Plaque for their 10 years of Norwich Fair dedication and leadership. They also received a gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice. I thought it would be fitting to do a little story on Rob and Laurie. I asked them 3 questions relative to their years of service to the club. The answers were prepared by both and presented by Laurie.

1. Who and or what inspired you to become a Norwich Lion?
I first learned about Lions when Jay Van Arman invited Rob to a meeting. Once Rob became a member I became interested in helping with the Fair. The Fair was a great event and meant so much to the community, I wanted to help out. After helping for a few years I decided I might as well become a member and participate full time. I had really grown to love the people involved with Lions and enjoyed seeing them twice a month at our meetings.

2. What do you find most rewarding about being a member of the Norwich Lions Club?
The thing I find most rewarding about the Norwich Lions is helping others. The Lions do a great thing by hosting a wonderful community event with the Fair, in order to raise money to help those in need.

3. How did your participation as a member of the Norwich Lions Fair Committee help the Norwich Lions club achieve their fundraising goals for 2017?
This year I was in charge of the silent auction and meadow muffins sales. Both events had a record year raising the most money they ever have! My silent auction committee was superb with Donna Wheeler, Jay Van Arman, and Jim and Tom Southworth bringing in the bulk of the donations. Tremendous sales of Meadow Muffins led by Demo Sofronas and Phil and Donna Wheeler allowed us to sell all 500 Meadow Muffin plots for I believe the first time ever. Neither of these events could have been successful without the whole club pitching in. I am grateful for all the work everyone did.

For the record, the Norwich Fair is the Norwich Lions Club largest annual fundraising event. We raise over $20,000, which we donate to various organizations and individuals in need.

—Lion Demo Sofranos is chair of public relations and communications activities for the Norwich Lions Club.